Environmental Management

Environmentally friendly

A commitment to environmentally friendly Line Marking services

The terms, environmental certified, environmentally friendly, eco friendly, green etc have become increasingly important in modern business. The Line Marking industry is no different.

Certified Quality and Environmental Management Systems

As a division of Graffiti Gone, our Environmental Management Systems is AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 Certified* and is audited by a third party.

Water and Paint recycling

At Lines On, our commitment to the environment extends to the clean up process. We use an industry leading treatment system when cleaning some of our line marking plant and equipment. The end result is clean re-usable water and solid paint waste. The solid waste is safely disposed and the water recycled. This process is designed to avoid storm water pollution.

Line On also recycles all unused paints and painting materials to minimise waste disposal.

*As part of Graffiti Gone, Lines On Melbourne and Lines On Brisbane and Gold Coast meet the requirements of the Sydney certified Environmental system. All locations operate under the same policies and procedures.